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Special drop. Really long skins, longer than most. One time we went fishing out past Warrandyte and we had to wade across the river which was up to our necks, to get to the fishing spot. After fishing for ages we finally caught an eel, so we put it into this short little bucket that we had and waded back across the river holding it above our heads. We got it back to where our stuff was and put the bucket way up the bank, like twenty metres up, so it wouldn't get away whilst we grabbed our clothes. We came back a couple of minutes later and it was nowhere to be seen. Heard later that's why they keep them in nailed shut wooden boxes in restaurants, because they are so good at getting away. Passionfruit pulp, kiwi and pineapple juice on the palette. Artwork by Bobby Clark. No sulphur or any additives like the rest of our wines.

• 70% Organic Malvasia 30% Organic Chardonnay from Riverland SA

• Malvasia spent 6 months on skins in stainless

• Chardonnay Direct pressed to old french barriques

• Wild ferment

• No sulphur or additives of any kind, at any stage

• No fining or filtering

• Label artwork by Bobby Clark

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